The treatment of excess fat

Coolsculpting®/ Cryolipolysis™

Cryolipolysis Zeltiq / Coolsculpting: a stunning technique based on an old discovery: fat cells (adipocytes) are more sensitive to cold than other body cells, even though they protect us.
This technique, which was recently (2005) developed by an American team at the University of Massachusetts (Dr. Dieter Manstein and Dr. Rox Anderson, Massachusetts Institute of technology, MIT) is aimed at crystallising fat in the vacuoles of fat cells (adipocytes), in order to activate apoptosis (cell death). Clinical studies were carried out in the Wellman Center at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, which is an academic hospital associated with the Harvard Medical School.
This huge research centre that specialises in lasers is responsible for many technological innovations based on light.

This includes:

  • Designing the first lasers with pulsating dyes, which can be used to treat fat tumours.
  • The first epilation laser
  • Fractional lasers that were a turning point in rejuvenation treatments for the face and other zones.    

Based on the finding that exposure to cold could cause resorption in fat cells, after many years of research and many research studies, researchers at the Wellman Institute developed Cryolipolysis.
Simply using ice to achieve Cryolipolysis is not sufficient.
In order to be effective and reduce the thickness of fat tissue by more than 1cm, without damaging other skin structures, a very accurate cooling gradient must be implemented. This has been kept "top secret" by the manufacturer, who has submitted a variety of patents. Excessive cooling can be dangerous (risk of tissue death) and insufficient cooling will have no impact.
That said, Cool sculpting is not really based on implementing a cold source, but on a kind of "heat disposal" system.
In a very accurate treatment protocol, the tissue is thus deep cooled while the temperature of the skin surface barely changes. And various studies, which have been validated by the * Food and Drug Administration, show that: during a single session, the thickness of subcutaneous fat is reduced by approximately 1/3 of the "induced" fat cushion, in a very reproductive manner, within a period of 2 months.
*Link to FDA
**Link to scientific publications

What effect does Cool sculpting have on fat cells?
After exposure to cold for 1 hour, with a Zeltiq device, the treated zone will result in apoptosis within the fat cells: this is like activating their natural death!  In fact, our cells have a programmed life expectancy; when it is time for them to pass away, the go through apoptosis: they deteriorate until the point where they naturally disappear all together.
After the Cryolipolysis, the fats cells exposed to cold gradually decrease, without lipids being released into the blood and without hardly any infections, and certainly without the need to repeat the treatment.

During a single pain-free session, without need for preparation or anaesthetic, it is possible to treat excess fat cushions around the hips, stomach or back.

Cool sculpting is a pain-free treatment without recovery period.
There are no risks associated with the procedure. Hypo-anaesthesia (reduce skin sensation) in the treated zone can last for 1 to 3 weeks after the treatment. The only side-effect that can sometimes be encountered are superficial blue marks associated with the suction needed to grip the treated skin between the electrodes.
The effectiveness is clear (approximately 1/3 reduction in induced fat mass) and can be reproduced.
Numerous studies have demonstrated the treatment's safe nature and its respect for other skin structures.

Link to scientific publications

The results of treatments may vary from one person to another and are therefore not guaranteed.
Therefore, they represent no binding commitment on the part of the office, the personnel or any third party.

Frequently asked questions

What happens during the procedure?
To start with, the to-be-treated zone is selected by the patient and doctor. If, for example, you want to remove the fat cushion on your stomach, the doctor will place the ZELTIQ device on your stomach. The device careful sucks the fat cushion between the two cooling plates. You have the feeling that the skin is being tightened - tight enough to guarantee optimal cooling in the tissue.

What does the patient feel?
Once the plates are activated, the patient will feel an intense cold sensation for a few minutes. This sensation disappears quickly. The patient sits or lies comfortably during the procedure, which lasts between 1 and 3 hours. Many patients read, use their laptops or even sleep during the procedure.

Can patients resume their normal activities after the procedure?
Yes. The Cool Sculpting procedure is completely harmless and patients are able to resume normal activities immediately. A few patients may experience redness, small blue mark, tingling or lack of sensation, but these are just temporary phenomena.

Are the results permanent?
Fat cells are removed permanently during the Cool Sculpting procedure. If the patient maintains his/her weight, by exercising and keeping a close eye on diet, the results should remain stable in the long-term.

Can one combine Cool Sculpting with other methods (endermology, acoustic waves)?
Indeed, it is possible to improve the results of Cool Sculpting using a few endermology sessions and/or acoustic waves. During the consultation, the doctor will advise you about the procedure that most suits you specific case.


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