The treatment of acne/acne scars

Acne is a skin condition encountered by youngsters as well as adults.

Three underlying causes of "spots" have been identified: hyper-secretion of tallow, blockage of hair follicles and the development of bacteria (P bacteria) in tallow glands.

Treatment primarily involves using medicine but, in certain cases, "blue light" therapy can be used as a follow-up or alternative to medicines.

The "blue light" radiates light that is "Photo-toxic" for the P bacteria responsible for acne and also has a restrictive effect on tallow glands.

*In some cases, acne can also result in unpleasant atrophic scars, which can be effectively treated using specific lasers.
The "Matrix IR" fractional laser and the "Matrix RF" sub-ablative laser can thus remove shallow scars and greatly reduce deep scars.

The treatment generally consists of 3 to 4 sessions, with an interval of 4 to 6 weeks between each treatment.

The latest laser procedures are safe and nigh on painless.

* Link to scientific publications

The results of treatments may vary from one person to another and are therefore not guaranteed.
Therefore, they represent no binding commitment on the part of the office, the personnel or any third party.


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