Treatment of cellulite and "body shaping"

Cellulite, which was referred to as "panniculosis" in 1904, is primarily a female condition and is encountered in 90 % of women between 30 and 54 years of age.
Cellulite is of considerable importance at aesthetic and psychological level. Women often suffer from cellulite on their legs and pelvic area, which results in reduced quality of life.

The dimpling aspect of cellulite is created via abnormalities in connective tissue in and under the skin. This is a typically female condition and results in the storage of fat in the adipocytes (subcutaneous fat cells) and the retention of water around it (in and under the skin). As the fat cells grow, the capsule around them becomes deformed and the skin contact points are stretched, which results in capitation of the skin.

The main problem in this phase is that the process is self-maintaining due to restrictions in blood circulation, which results in a stagnation of metabolic waste, a shortage of nutrients and accumulation of connective tissue that loses its elasticity and results in fibrosis. This aesthetically displeasing condition is created by such cellulite zones; zones that do not react to physical exercise and the strictest diets.


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