Rejuvenation techniques

Endermology of the face / Endermolift™ (Lift 6)

The structural properties of the skin closely resemble those of the dermis. This layer absorbs shocks and gives the skin its essential properties in terms of elasticity, spontaneous tension and strength.

The massage is a technique that makes the skin flexible and elastic and helps to improve aesthetic quality.
It allows mechanical stimulation to be carried out, which results in biological reactions. This is what we refer to as a mechano-transduction phenomenon.
In fibroblasts, mechanical stimulation alters behaviour by inducing multiple biological reactions, including the production of collagen.

This is the mechano-transduction that LIFT 6 uses to stimulate fibroblasts.
This harmless and 100%-physiological mechanical approach for treating signs of ageing in the face is a new and very promising therapeutic approach based on biological mechanisms.
It is generally necessary to perform 15 to 20 sessions, with a frequency of 2 treatments per week.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Does it hurt?
In general, Endermolift™ never hurts! On the contrary, you will experience a feeling of relaxation and well-being during the session!

Q: What are the contraindications?
In general, Endermolift™ can not be used in case of serious or progressive illness or skin infections.

Q: I have had injections with botulinum toxin (Botox®), hyaluronic acid and/or laser treatments (IPL, radio frequency, fractional). Do I still qualify for an Endermolift™ programme?
We can supplement these treatments with the 100%-natural stimulation of Endermolift™. The only recommendation is to avoid recently injected or treated zones for a few days.
Do not hesitate to request advice from your doctor.

Q: Is Endermolift compatible with a surgical facelift?
It is strongly recommended to undergo sessions prior to and after the operation.
The LPG® specialists have developed special protocols for this, namely Pre and Post Lifting. Do not hesitate to request advice from your doctor.

The results of treatments may vary from one person to another and are therefore not guaranteed.
Therefore, they represent no binding commitment on the part of the office, the personnel or any third party.



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