Long-term exposure to sunlight (UV rays) results in progressive ageing of the skin (photo-ageing), in other words, burning that takes place in the form of pigmentation, visible small blood vessels and line-forming.

Most older people display such damage on their face, breast and hands.
The removal of small blood vessels makes the face more susceptible to redness.

Further, skin fibres change and skin loses its elasticity, and wrinkles appear around the eyes, lips and forehead.

In short, the collagen layer changes.


What is photo rejuvenation?

Photo rejuvenation (based on IPL) harmonises skin colour for a young and fresh appearance. It also allows skin on the face, cleavage and hands to be re-modelled, without pain or annoying redness.
Multiple sessions are recommended (4 to 5 on average), spread over a period of approx. 1 month. This allows the progressive stimulation of natural collagen, which causes the skin to remain intact.


Indications of photo rejuvenation:

  • Harmless vascular injuries telangiectasia like (dilated blood vessels) and redness (rosacea)
  • Pigmentation caused by exposure to the sun
  • Photo-ageing
  • Changes in the structure of the skin and epidermis
  • Change to the collagen in connective tissue.
  • Wrinkles
  • Lentigines (brown spots)
  • Increase in pore size

You should be aware that technologies are currently available that combine pulsating light (optical energy) with radio frequency (electrical current), which are referred to as "ELOS".

Frequently asked questions

Q: How does the treatment proceed?
First of all, a specific gel is applied to improve the permeability of light through the skin. The doctor then moves the device on the skin's surface and treats the vascular and pigmentation abnormalities using pulses.
The colour of the skin will then be uniform and will look young and fresh.

Q: Is it possible to only treat a single part of the face, e.g. the mouth?
Photo-rejuvenation must always be implemented on large surfaces. This is the only way to achieve the best results.

Q: Can photo-rejuvenation be used on the entire body?
It is effectively used on areas like the neck, breast (cleavage), hands and, in particular, the face.

Q: Are there any side-effects?
A: The treatment is very mild and discrete. Depending on the amount of energy used, some redness may be encountered, which will disappear after 24 hours.

Q: How long do the results remain visible?
A: The treatment provides a long-term solution but one must perform a "follow-up" session once a year.

Q: How many sessions are needed?
The number of sessions is determined by the extent of the skin injuries and the type of treatment (re-modelling, rosacea, spider veins, etc.). But considerable improvements can be seen from the very first session.

Q: Can photo-rejuvenation be combined with other procedures involving lasers and/or injections?
This will be an excellent combination because injections treat wrinkles caused by the muscles, while lasers treat the tension and texture of the skin. No other treatment is able to simultaneously resolve 4 problems: redness, brown stains, wrinkles and firmness of skin.

The results of treatments may vary from one person to another and are therefore not guaranteed.
Therefore, they represent no binding commitment on the part of the office, the personnel or any third party.



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