Pico Genesis™ by Laser Enlighten III®

This technique represents a new era in skin revitalisation and the treatment of benign pigmented lesions. It aims to treat pigment spots, radiance of the complexion, and improve the skin texture by improving collagen production. In addition to its effectiveness, the main attraction of this innovation is that it is suitable for all skin types and does not require any healing time. Moreover, this device can be safely applied on ethnic and black skins. 

What kind of dark spots can be treated with the Pico Genesis™ treatment?
Age spots or lentigos that appear with age and due to sunlight exposure, on the hands, neckline and face.
Some pigmented lesions, such as café au lait spots, Becker's nevi, nevus of Ota, can also be treated with this nanosecond or picosecond laser.
In cases of diffuse pigmentation such as pregnancy mask or melasma, the low fluence, high frequency Pico Genesis laser remains among the most effective.
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How does the Enlighten III® laser work?
The device emits very short pulses of the order of a picosecond (1 million times shorter than a traditional Q-switched laser) to create acoustic photo-waves that stimulate the removal of the pigment and the repair of the skin. Melanin, under the effect of the emitted light, breaks down into tiny particles that are removed or absorbed into the body. The procedure is athermic, takes only a few minutes to perform and does not cause any pain.

How many sessions are needed?
Two to three sessions of PICO Genesis™ are recommended for optimal results. Maintenance treatments will be needed to maintain the results in the long term. Your specialist will suggest a treatment plan during your consultation.
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Which parts of the body can be treated?
PICO Genesis™ is an ideal treatment for the face and neck as well as any part of the body with lesions caused by sunlight exposure and/or other visible pigmentations.

What can I expect from the Enlighten III® treatment and what does the treatment feel like?
The specialist will start by cleaning the area to be treated and will place the tip of the laser on the skin. The pain is comparable to that of a rubber band snapping on the skin. Most patients do not consider the treatment as uncomfortable. Immediately after the treatment, the area will be treated with cold air (Zimmer® system) to reduce the risk of possible erythema. The patient must not expose the treated area to sunlight and apply a sunscreen lotion. If necessary, your specialist will recommend additional care.

Are there any side effects?
Some patients experience mild redness and swelling immediately after treatment. These side effects are temporary and usually wear off in a few hours. After several days, the pigment appears darker. This sign is temporary and indicates that the treatment has worked. The darker spots will be exfoliated in a few days.

The results of treatments may vary from one person to another and are therefore not guaranteed.
Therefore, they represent no binding commitment on the part of the office, the personnel or any third party.



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