Cryolipolysis™/ Cool sculpting™ by Zeltiq

like we promised, the most astonishing and modern technique for removing excess fat and fat cushions around the hips is now available.

This harmless procedure makes it possible to use a heat-disposal method to cool fat tissue to 4 °C without damaging surrounding tissue, which causes the fat cells (adipocytes) to enter apoptosis.

This regression and natural elimination of fat cells provides visible results in only a few weeks.

The technique is performed without anaesthetic, causes almost no pain whatsoever and allows the patient to immediately return to his/her activities.

ZELTIQ has been approved by the FDA and more than 150,000 treatments have already been successfully completed in the US.

For further information or a consultation about this technique, please call 0475 66 97 44.

T Yildiz

Director Espace Medical Braffort