Lympha-mat ® gradient
For many years, pressure therapy has been an integral part of the treatment for venous and lymphatic conditions. The use of this therapy has already been well documented and has been repeatedly proven scientifically.
The session lasts 20 to 30 minutes and can be partly covered by your health insurance. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor about this.

"Whole body vibration" or vibration training is a recent technique for muscle training. The technique involves a vibration plate that results in dosed stimulation of muscle fibres and nerves. The session is supervised by a physiotherapist that specialises in this technique.

IRFA therapy (infra-red A in aqueous filtering) is a physiotherapy technique developed in Germany, which has proven itself for the past 10 years. The technique uses the physical properties of the filtered infra-red spectrum to optimise or repair the working of the cells, particularly muscle tissue and connective tissue.

"Radial shock wave therapy" involves mechanical waves being transferred to damaged tissue via the skin, under high pressure. The body reacts to this by increasing the metabolism in the treated area, which stimulates the healing process. This technique enables resorption of calcification and pain relief.
This procedure was developed in Germany and Switzerland and is a major breakthrough in the treatment of tendon complaints, pseudarthrosis and muscle knots ("trigger points").

Electro-stimulation device for therapeutic purposes and wellness. The various proposed protocols allow the treatment of muscle injuries, effective pain relief and interventions in case of vascular conditions.


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