Plexr….. Non-surgical blepharoplasty

What is Plexr?
Plexr, pronounced “plexère” (Plasma Exeresis) is a new technology based on quantum physics that helps perform aesthetic surgery.
Particularly suitable for people who do not want an invasive surgical procedure, it is a soft technique without incision or sutures. It is referred to as “non-surgical blepharoplasty”.
The Plexr removes excess skin from the eyelids which often gives it a sad or fatigued look.

How does non-surgical blepharoplasty work?
Short for “plasma exeresis”, the Plexr delivers a small ionising current when it approaches the skin surface and “sublimates” the excess skin.
This small current, also called plasma, helps sublimate the tissues without any electrical contact. The heat it causes locally creates a controlled superficial abrasion and immediate retraction of the skin, i.e. the “sublimation”.
This current does not penetrate the body and acts only on the surface. The best part about non-surgical blepharoplasty is that it is safe and does not involve any bleeding and incisions.
The sublimation caused by Plexr only affects the outermost tissues without causing sagging, discolouration, bleeding and, above all, without anaesthesia.
With the Plexr, the treated area immediately cools and does not overheat the surrounding tissue.

What is procedure for the Plexr blepharoplasty?
An anaesthetic cream will be applied one hour before the session, which lasts on average for 20 to 30 minutes. 
The patient does not wear protective cover. On the contrary, the practitioner will ask the patient to blink during the session to identify the excess skin to be sublimated.
The Plexr comes in the form of a small portable hand-piece whose tip is equipped with a thin metal rod, which is held like a pen.
During the session, the practitioner makes “spots” on dry skin using the device. In other words, he makes small dots (or combustion points) by placing the metal rod a few millimetres from the skin, but never touching it. The patient then feels slight warming of the skin.
Arranged in staggered rows on the folds of the area, they allow the practitioner to direct the retraction of the skin almost instantaneously. In the case of a medical blepharoplasty, this retraction makes it possible to discreetly open the look, making it more luminous and rejuvenated.

What are the indications for Plexr?
Its field of indication is vast, but for reasons of efficiency, Espace Braffort limits them to the following treatments
• upper and lower eyelids
• expression lines (crow's feet)

What are the effects of the Plexr treatment?
The Plexr creates small brownish spots on the skin surface, which can last for 3 to 7 days. These spots must be scratched or ripped off. The application of an oily or healing cream is also to be avoided because it would slow down the retraction effect.
After the spots have fallen, they give way to faint redness that you can easily hide with light makeup. Make-up removal must also be gentle. The patient must apply a SPF50 index sun protection cream for one month to avoid any risk of pigment disorder.
Within 24 to 48 hours, the patient may experience inflammation and transient oedema in the treated area. In 30% of cases, this oedema can last up to 3 days.




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