Laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal Nano and Pico second Enlighten 3™ laser technology at three wavelengths (1064nm, 532nm, 670nm) to remove tattoos.

Who is the Enlighten 3™ nano/pico second laser treatment for?

The Enlighten 3™ laser treatment is aimed at patients wishing to remove dark or multicoloured tattoos of any size. It should be noted that this device is safe and effective on all skin types including dark or black skin. Its nano second system is used during the very first sessions when the tattoo is still dense in order to explode the ink into smaller particles.

*Its pico second technology with its 3 high-energy wavelengths makes it possible to treat lighter tattoos, even so-called "ghost" tattoos with shadows caused by traditional "Q-Switched" laser treatments.

* link to scientific publications

How does the new Enlighten 3™ laser tattoo removal technology differ from previous technologies? 

How does nano/pico second laser treatment work on tattoos?

In order to effectively treat amateur and/or professional tattoos the laser beam used must penetrate the skin deeply and at sufficient power to fragment the ink molecules. Enlighten 3™ technology, combining nano and pico seconds, targets the pigment more effectively and allows the body to eliminate it more quickly and naturally.

Its third wavelength 670 nm only present on this system treats green and light blue colours.

*The Enlighten 3™ laser treats dark and multi-coloured tattoos faster and more effectively than "Q-Switched" lasers, also known as "triggered" lasers. For most patients, the number of sessions required is therefore halved and the final result is more complete.

*Link to scientific publications

How many sessions are needed to completely remove the tattoo?

The number of sessions depends on a number of factors, including

the colours of the tattoo
the intensity and chemical composition of the tattoo
its size
its location on the body
the speed and ease with which each person's body eliminates the pigment.

How does the tattoo react during the session?

The passage of the laser beam may cause "frosting", i.e. temporary whitening lasting a few minutes, which is particularly noticeable during the first few sessions and is often a sign of a good clinical reaction.

Micro-bleeding may also be observed, followed by temporary slight oedema in the treated area.

The pigments will then tend to come out and give the tattoo a darker hue for a few days.

It is advisable to apply healing creams, prescribed during the initial consultation, and a non-adhesive dressing until the area has completely healed.

To avoid the risk of infection, swimming is not recommended unless an occlusive dressing is applied to the treated area.

The healing process generally takes 7 to 10 days.

Exposure of the treated area to the sun is not recommended in the month following a session. After 1 month, if there are no signs of significant inflammation and with the practitioner's agreement, the area may be exposed to the sun with an SPF 50+ protection factor.

If the pigments used by the tattooist contain metals, the tattoo may change colour after the first treatment. During the next session, the machine can be adjusted to treat the new colour specifically.

Treatment results may vary from one person to another and are therefore not guaranteed.
They are not binding on the members of the practice, its staff or any third party.

Can I redo a tattoo on the treated area?

It is entirely possible to re-tattoo a treated area.

In this case, fewer sessions are required and we leave it up to the tattooist to assess whether the tattoo has faded sufficiently to be able to carry out his or her "cover" work.

For a tattoo of equal size and quality, the Enlighten™ nano/pico second laser treats more effectively and therefore requires fewer sessions than traditional technologies.

Is the Enlighten 3™ tattoo removal treatment painful? How long does it take to heal? Are there any side effects?

The discomfort associated with the Enlighten™ laser tattoo removal treatment is significantly reduced under the cold air propulsion by the Zimmer system.

Patients experience a pinching, pulling or burning sensation of varying intensity during the session. The average session lasts between 3 and 15 minutes. After the treatment, the skin reacts in a similar way to a sunburn and may develop micro-crusts, small blisters and then peel. A skin-repair cream must be applied for the next few days, and the area must be protected from the sun at all times during the series of treatments.

How much does the Enlighten 3™ tattoo removal treatment cost?

The cost of the treatment will be estimated during a preliminary interview, which is itself completely free of charge. The total cost of the treatment depends on the size of the tattoo to be treated as well as the number of sessions required for its removal. Treatments start at 150 euros/session.

Treatment results may vary from one person to another and are therefore not guaranteed.

As such, they are not binding on the members of the practice, its staff or any third party.



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