At Clinique Espace Braffort, we are proud to offer cutting-edge solutions for the rejuvenation and reshaping of the body and face, without the constraints of surgery.

Among our cutting-edge technologies, FaceTite and BodyTite stand out for their ability to transform and firm the skin, while Morpheus8 perfectly complements these treatments by targeting skin texture and tone.

The FaceTite Process

Precise FaceTite reshaping uses a fine cannula equipped with two probes to deliver radiofrequency energy in a targeted way. One probe is inserted under the skin via a small incision, while the other glides over the surface, creating a bipolar effect that heats the tissues to an optimal temperature for fat liquefaction and skin retraction. This method also stimulates collagen production, ensuring a continuous improvement in skin quality.

Follow-up and results

The after-effects of the FaceTite treatment are generally slight, with bruising and swelling that subside within a few days, aided by gentle massage. Results start to appear after a month, with continuous improvement for up to a year after treatment, thanks to the gradual stimulation of collagen. This complete facial reshaping solution allows tissues to be tightened without scarring, with a degree of result that could only be achieved with invasive surgery. 

Complementarity with Morpheus8

While FaceTite and BodyTite tackle sagging skin and unwanted fat in a minimally invasive way, Morpheus8 perfects the results by acting on the skin's surface. This latest-generation fractional radiofrequency treats textural irregularities, pores and fine lines and further stimulates collagen production, for a radiant complexion and rejuvenated skin. A Morpheus 8 session is usually performed on the same areas on the same day, immediately after Face Tite or Body Tite and usually again 6 to 8 weeks later.

Why choose Espace Braffort?

What sets our clinic apart is our commitment to incorporating the most advanced and safest technologies to meet our patients' aesthetic needs. Our experienced specialists work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan, combining FaceTite, BodyTite and Morpheus8 if required, to achieve your goals with natural, long-lasting results. The combined Face Tite and Morpheus8 treatment is always carried out by an experienced multidisciplinary medical team, a plastic surgeon trained in the technique, the Clinic Manager for supervision and an aesthetic nurse. Plan your Consultation, we invite you to make an appointment for a personalised consultation at Clinique Espace Braffort, where we can discuss your aesthetic aspirations and determine the best treatment plan for you. Rediscover your beauty with state-of-the-art non-surgical aesthetic solutions.



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