Rejuvenation techniques


Lasers and radio frequency are becoming ever more important in treatments where the face and body are rejuvenated.
"Espace Medical Braffort" possesses the most advanced and innovative technology in this field.

The Matrix IR™ fractional laser is non-ablative and has demonstrated its effectiveness in treatments for rejuvenation and scars, as well as melasma (mask of pregnancy).
The treatment has minor side-effects (normally slight redness for 24 hours), which means patients can immediately resume their normal activities.

There is now a harmless alternative to sagging skin: subcutaneous lifting or "skin tightening" via radio frequency.
This advanced method has already been available in the United States for ten years and was introduced to Europe in 2006.
The use of electromagnetic radio frequency waves (not from a laser) in the deep layers of the dermis (5 to 7mm) create a concentration of collagen fibres, which results in "a lifting and rejuvenating effect" in the skin.

Espace Medical Braffort possesses 2 advanced radio frequency technologies, REFIRM™ (non-ablative) and EMATRIX™ (sub-ablative) by SYNERON MEDICAL.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What sensation is felt during radio frequency?
A cold sensation, followed by an intensive heat sensation with each impulse.
A contact gel, to improve heat tolerance, is only used on the entire to-be-treated area for REFIRM™, while sterile applicators have been designed for one-off use with E MATRIX™.

Q: What will my skin look like after the treatment?
The skin may appear somewhat red and swollen. This
generally lasts less than 1 hour (REFIRM™) and 2 to 4 days (E MATRIX™).
An ultra-hydrating cream is normally prescribed.

Q: How many sessions are needed?
4 to 5 sessions are generally needed with an interval of 1 to 2 weeks (REFIRM™) or 4 to 6 weeks (E MATRIX™) between each treatment.

Q: When are the results visible?
Although we cannot stop the unavoidable ageing process, it is possible to implement collagen restructuring and tissue modelling, with the results being visible 2 to 4 months after the sessions.

Q: Do I qualify for this technique?
Men and women with all skin types, who suffer from sagging skin, can be treated.
This method was recently approved by the FDA for use on all body parts.
In most cases, it is possible to treat contours in the face, the cleavage, sagging on arms and thighs, as well as wrinkled skin on the stomach.


Q: What are the differences between the radio frequency of REFIRM™ and E MATRIX ™?
The level of synthesis in the induced collagen.
Depth of the effect.
Extent of side-effects: from simple redness (REFIRM™) to the forming of superficial marks that disappear after 2 to 5 days (E MATRIX™).
Higher or lower tension effect for addressing sagging.
Clear or less clear effectiveness depending on the depth of wrinkles.
REFIRM™ is a non-ablative procedure and EMATRIX™ is a sub-ablative procedure.
EMATRIX™ is a technique that offers the same results as an ablative "resurfacing" laser technique, without side-effects and serious consequences.
During the consultation, the doctor will advise you about the technique most suitable for your skin and the type of consequences you can expect.

Q: What are the potential side-effects?
Hypo or hyper pigmentation may be encountered. This colouration of the skin is rare, even exceptional, and is mostly quickly resolved.

Q: Can radio-frequency be combined with other methods?
Yes. During the first consultation, the specialised doctor can advise you about using additional additional methods (injections, IPL, fractional lasers, etc.) to improve results.

The results of treatments may vary from one person to another and are therefore not guaranteed.
Therefore, they represent no binding commitment on the part of the office, the personnel or any third party.




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