Syneron Medical Laser

Syneron Médical develops ultra-advanced, harmless and extremely low risk equipment for aesthetic purposes, based on light, laser and radio frequency technology.
Its procedures and applications have all been validated by strict scientific and clinical studies and have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration US - whereby safety and effectiveness are guaranteed).

"Electro-optical synergy" is a technique patented by Syneron® Médical that combines light energy and radio frequency for applications in aesthetic medicine.

The AC applicator (blue light) is a photo therapy procedure (IPL 400 nm - 980 nm) that treats acne and over-active tallow glands. The treatment is performed using a contact gel and does not cause pain or redness.
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The DS applicator (depilation system) allows semi-permanent epilation to be carried out using pulsating light. It is thus less effective than the Laser, but is painless and does not cause redness. This technique is recommended for patients who display contraindications with the laser (corticoid treatment, psoriasis, vitiligo, excessive redness).
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Depilation system laser is "the golden standard" for definitive epilation.
This diode laser (810 nm) is combined with bipolar electromagnetic energy, which, due to its effectiveness, safety and ergonomics, makes the laser the best epilation laser currently on the market.
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The "skin rejuvenation" system (SR) is a procedure that is used to treat pigmentation and vascular injuries (couperosis) on the skin.
This technology uses pulsating light and radio frequency at specific wavelengths (580 nm - 980 nm).
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The "skin tightening" system is a non-ablative radio frequency (120 j/cm³) and infra-red technique (700 - 2000 nm) that can be used to treat sagging skin on the face and body.
The treatment takes place using a contact gel, which gives a slight tingling sensation, and has no "down time" (recovery period).
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Matrix IR™
"Fractional skin rejuvenation", which is performed with the 915 nm fractional laser in combination with bipolar radio frequency (100 j/cm³), is often used to treat scars, wrinkles, melasma, etc.
This advanced procedure is selected ahead of other fractional lasers due to the non-ablative character and thus requires no "down time" on the patient's part.
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Matrix RF™ and E Matrix™
"Fractional skin resurfacing" is performed using a very advanced radio frequency applicator with 64 mini-electrodes (point-matrix), each applying very accurate high radio frequency to the skin.
The ultra-advanced procedure allows sagging skin, wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks to be treated with few consequences for patients.
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